School User Privacy Policy

The following information will fully detail what information is stored in relation to ECTs, where and how. We are required by law to explain this information to all users so that they are aware of what is stored.

Duration of the Processing:

The data is on the system from initial registration by the school until 6 years after they have completed the induction. If a customer (the ECT, Headteacher, Mentor or Induction Tutor) wishes the data to be removed prior to this date, It is the responsibility of the Customer (the ECT, Headteacher, Mentor or Induction Tutor) to delete this data from the system. Any customer can contact Evolution via a helpdesk ticket to request the removal of data from ECT Manager, as long as Induction is passed.

Nature and purposes of the processing:

ECT Manager is a self-managed system provided to the Customer. The Customer remains the Data Controller for this data and can use the tools within the system to manage and process the data themselves.

Evolution Internet Ltd provide secure storage and accessibility of this data through the system. Evolution Internet Ltd do not process personal data on behalf of the Customer. All personal data is stored on an external server in the UK, which is backed up to two locations every 6 hours on a rolling 14-day basis. Any data that is deleted permanently from the system is deleted from the database and will be deleted from the back up after 14 days.

Different Types of Data kept:

Different levels of information per user: • Name (& any previous names) • Address • Telephone number • Email address • Date of birth • NI number (optional) • Teacher reference number • Qualified Teacher Status information • Qualifications (training information) • Assessment forms • Notes held in relation to communication between the school and the Awarding body • Any communication on helpdesk tickets • Documents that have been uploaded by the ECT or other members of the school community

Your Right of Access:

You have the right to find out how an organisation is using or storing your personal data. This is called the right of access. You exercise this right by asking for a copy of the data, which is commonly known as making a ‘subject access request’.

How to access your data:

If you no longer have access to ECT Manager, as Induction has been passed or you have moved from a school to another Awarding Body, you can make a subject access request to find out what data is held and how it is used. You can make a subject access request to us in writing either by raising a helpdesk enquiry or by emailing the data controller for our Awarding Body. The data controller is Mrs K Dallender and she can be contacted at: Your request should state clearly what data you want to access. When making a subject access request, include the following information: • Your name and contact details. • Any information used by the organisation to identify or distinguish you from other people with the same name (i.e. your Teacher Reference Number) • Any details or relevant dates that will help it identify what you want. For example, you may want to ask for: • Your ECT Manager file • Notes kept from emails between the school and the Awarding body If we reasonably need more information to help find your data or identify you, we will ask you for the information we need. We will then wait until we have all the necessary information before dealing with your request. When we respond to your request, we will provide you with a copy of your requested data. We will do this electronically. If you need your data in another format, you must ask if this is possible. You are also entitled to be told the following things: • What we are using your data for. • Who we are sharing your data with. • How long we will store your data, and how it made this decision. However, all of this information is stated at the start of this policy. • Information on your rights to challenge the accuracy of your data, to have it deleted, or to object to its use. • Your right to complain to the ICO. • Information on where your data came from. • Whether your data is used for profiling or automated decision making and how we are doing this. • If we have transferred your data to a third country or an international organisation, what security measures we have taken. However, this is never the case with information stored on ECT Manager. We will respond to Subject Access requests within the stated one-month period. An electronic copy of your personal data will be provided free. We may charge for additional copies. We will only charge a fee if we believe a request is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’. If so, we may ask for a reasonable fee for administrative costs associated with the request.

Your Agreement:

Please tick the box to state that: You have read and understand the information that we have provided to you in relation to GDPR guidelines. You understand that all of the information held on our system is also managed by yourself and, as such, you will not share your log in details with any other individuals. You agree to keep your contact details up-to-date. You understand that we pass information to the Teacher Reference Agency on your behalf so that they know the status of your Induction.